Sauli Sirviö: Ei kotiin paluuta, 2012 © Kuva: Sauli Sirviö

Johannes Rantapuska and Sauli Sirviö

Johannes Rantapuska (b. 1984) and Sauli Sirviö (b. 1980) are keen observers of their environment and explorers of the hidden urban fringe. Their art-making process is a psycho-geographical expedition into “pseudo-places” such as wastelands, railyards, condemned buildings, construction sites, tunnels and backwoods. Folk Heroes & Stories is a character gallery of ten printed urban heritage cards highlighting what is normally overlooked by the untrained eye and ear. The cards were collected during their encounters at the end of the world.

Sauli Sirviö: Never Going Home, 2012 © Photo: Sauli Sirviö