Otto Karvonen: Kaupunkitilan valtaamispakkaus, 2006 (performanssi ja installaatio) © Otto Karvonen

Otto Karvonen

Otto Karvonen’s (b. 1975) Urban Space Occupation Kit is a package containing traffic cones, barrier tape and a camping chair, all packed in a canvas bag. The user of the kit may temporarily occupy a territory for him/herself in the middle of a public space for any desired personal purpose (reading, praying, coffee break, or whatever). The work examines authority and control over public space. It draws attention to the relationship between public and private space.

Instruction for borrowing the kit:

1. Please inform the museum staff that you would like to borrow the kit.

2. Take a kit from the rack.

3. Kindly leave a deposit at the ticket office.

4. Choose a site to occupy for any purpose of your choice. The loan is for 1 hour.

5. Please return the kit to HAM’s ticket office. Your deposit will be returned.

Otto Karvonen: Urban Space Occupation Kit, 2006 © Otto Karvonen