Timo Vaittinen: Peli, 2013 © HAM / Kuva: Hanna Kukorelli

Timo Vaittinen

Timo Vaittinen’s (b.1976) works are often compared to Op Art and the psychedelic imagery of the 1960s. His materials and motifs hark back to modernist painting as well as popular culture. Vaittinen constantly experiments with new ideas, materials and techniques which he combines in collages. DXT is a large, abstract quilt of hand-dyed scraps of cotton fabric embellished with embroidered details that resemble iron-on patches. In addition to working with collages, Vaittinen is also known for his colourful video animations and installations.

Timo Vaittinen: The Game, 2013 © HAM / Photo: Hanna Kukorelli